Reviews and Awards

*On August 16th, 2000, Seven Sisters aired on KET in Kentucky and the station was immediately flooded with calls of enthusiastic support, which continued for the next two weeks, making Seven Sisters one of the best received programs in KET’s history. The screening was preceded by a front page article in the Lexington Herald-Leader, along with a review in ACE magazine.

*In November of 2000 it screened in San Francisco at the Roxie Theatre to a sold-out crowd as part of the Film Arts Festival, receiving enthusiastic coverage from a wide political and demographic spectrum of the media---ranging from Jan Wohl of KRON TV to Rena Cowen of KPFA to Ruthie Stein of the Chronicle.

*In January of 2001, Dennis Harvey gave Seven Sisters a rave review in Variety Magazine. Calling it "A deluxe family album… The choruslike effect of the sextet’s straight-talk storytelling adds an archetypal, Americana quality that is highly engaging as well as novel. It also strikes a wistful, nostalgic chord…[and] provides a look at some real ‘family values’ —loyalty, affection and mutual support through fair weather and foul."

*In March of 2001, probably the most enthusiastic endorsement of the film came when the Governor of Kentucky issued a proclamation declaring March 8th, 2001 (International Women's Day) to be "Seven Sisters Day" in Kentucky.

*Since the CD was released in early 2000, the soundtrack to the film has received rave reviews in bluegrass publications across the country, as well as a great deal of airplay on Blugrass shows across the radio dial.

*On October 20th, 2001, Seven Sisters received the 2001 Crystal Heart Award from the Heartland Film Festival, awarded to a filmmaker, "whose work explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life."

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