“A deluxe family album… The choruslike effect of the sextet’s straight-talk storytelling adds an archetypal, Americana quality that is highly engaging as well as novel. It also strikes a wistful, nostalgic chord…[and] provides a look at some real ‘family values’ —loyalty, affection and mutual support through fair weather and foul.”
—Variety Magazine

Seven Sisters is a new vision of Appalachia which powerfully evokes the coming of age of seven women through their journey off the family farm. This is a story of heroism—not in a grandiose, earth-shaking way, but through a collection of small acts of sacrifice, courage and generosity. At the center of it all are seven strong willed and colorful women—one family and the fierce bonds that hold them together. A film so powerful and moving, the governor of Kentucky proclaimed March 8, 2001 (International Women’s Day) to be “Seven Sisters Day” in Kentucky!

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