This is the story of a family of seven sisters whose ages span a generation, who grew up during the Depression, and who, each in their own way, moved away from the tiny community of West Liberty, Kentucky, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, to the city of Lexington below. This is a story of women coming of age, of rural to urban migration, and of how personal hardships build the ties of a family. This is a story of heroism-not in a grandiose, earth-shaking way, but through a collection of small acts of sacrifice, courage and generosity. At the center of it all are seven strong willed and colorful women-one family and the fierce bonds that hold them together.

Most of the dominant media images of Appalachia perpetuate long-held misconceptions and continue to dis-empower what is an amazingly strong culture of family and community support. This happens because for too long the region has been denied its own voice. Seven Sisters is an attempt to give the stories of the regions back to its people, celebrating the power of family and community, and overturning stereotypes along the way. What makes "Seven Sisters" unique is that it tells the story of everyday people faced with a series of life's traumas, challenges, and joys and of the ways that the fabric of a family is woven from acts of ordinary heroism.

On a personal note, I feel a strong sense of purpose to tell this story, as I am a member of the first generation descended from these sisters. My motivation to record this history is an extension of this film's main theme-the legacy of these sisters' belief in the power of family, and in the strength it can give one another and successive generations. Through examining and recording the lives, hardships, and joys of my family, I hope to both preserve and strengthen the bonds that hold us together, as well as tell a fascinating and compelling story.

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