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Crooked Jades, began as a commission to record the traditional popular music the seven sisters sang growing up during the 1920s, 30s and 40s in rural Kentucky. While many of these ballads, tunes and spirituals have remained popular for close to 100 years in the Appalachian repertoire, this soundtrack is an exploration of their early incarnations. The focus expanded when lesser-known ballads like "Letter Edged in Black" and "Pearl Bryan" led to a deeper exploration of the surrounding diverse rural mountain music of Kentucky of that era. With a range of instruments from the minstrel banjo to slide guitar to hammond organ, this music has its own beautiful and distinctive sound.

  Song List
1   Put My Little Shoes Away 2:59  
2   Miner's Child 4:25  
3   I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again 2:09  
4   Pearl Bryan/Intro (Instr.) 2:09  
5   Cumberland Gap 3:18  
6   Letter Edged in Black (Instr.) 1:51  
7   Little Bessie 4:03  
8   Miner's Child (Instr.) 2:18
9   Hard for to Love 3:22
 10   She Lied to Me 2:03
11   Young Edward 2:29
12   Letter Edged in Black 2:37
13   Put My Little Shoes Away (Instr.) 2:16
14   Moonshiner 3:20
15   Wayfaring Stranger (Instr.) 1:30
16   Jenny Get Around 2:16
17   Wayfaring Stranger 3:08
18   Mystery Train 3:49
19   Pretty Polly (Instr.) 2:09
20   Pearl Bryan/Outro 4:40

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