For Educators: Using in Chapters

Seven Sisters can be broken up into three chapters of approximately 30 minutes each. The chapters are as follows:

On the Farm
This section covers the introduction of all the sisters, their early life on the growing up on the farm during the Depression.
From beginning of the film to approximately 24:40. This section ends after the segment on Carol, after Cora says, "you try to do the best you can, and that's not always the best."
Total length: 25 minutes.

Leaving Home
This section covers the older sisters reasons for moving away and their challenges in the city, Glenna having to leave school and stay at home, their mother and Charlotte contracting tuberculosis, and the selling of the family farm.
From 24:40 to 1:01:00. This section begins with the music over a shot of a paved country road, with the title "Leaving Home" on the screen. This section ends where Ethel says, "it was sort of like you were in a train going along and there's no way you could get off, but you didn't know where it was going to end."
Total length: 36 minutes

A New Home
This section covers the family building a new life in the city, the differences with the younger generations' childhood, the death of their father and mother, Glenna living alone, and the loss of Carol.
From 1:01:00 to the end. This section begins with the music over a shot of a highway, with the title "A New Home" on the screen.
Total Length: 26 minutes

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