The Story

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Chapter 1 - Childhood

Hazel, due to her reputation as a Southern Belle (a reputation she helped cultivate) was nicknamed Scarlette, after Scarlette O'Hara. Cora was second to be born, in 1927. In Cora's childhood she was always considered the most beautiful one by her sisters (often a point of jealousy, especially by Scarlette).

Ethel was born in 1929. By virtue of having been preceded and proceeded by sisters, her father decided she would be his "working boy," helping him with all the chores that he would have normally only had a son do, and contributing to her strong sense of independence and self-confidence. Dorothy was born two years after Ethel in 1931. While all the sisters excelled in school, Dorothy was always the class valedictorian.

In 1935 Glenna was born. In many ways, Glenna is the strongest direct link to their parents. Due to her learning impairment, she lived with them both until they died. At first she attended the same school as had the other sisters, but after a point she became frustrated with both school and herself, feeling she had reached as far as she could and prevailed on her father to let her stay home from school, to which her father relented. Scarlette tried to convince her parents to allow them to send Glenna away to a special school, but they felt this would have been abandoning her, choosing instead to keep her at home with them.

Charlotte was born in 1939, and the youngest sister, Carole, was born in 1942. While their childhood had begun similar to their sisters, it soon was to become very different. When Charlotte was three, and as a precursor of things to come, she became very ill with rheumatic fever and temporarily lost the ability to walk. The family was galvanized by this event and pulled together to nurse her back to health. This was the first of a series of hardships in both Charlotte and Carole's childhood, and the challenges they were about to face represented a new chapter in lives of the entire family.

| Background | Chpt 2 - The Transition Years | Chpt. 3 - Lexington |

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